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Thread: Opinions Requested

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    It wouldn't matter to me (design) as long both reliable, so I would say go with one that's easier/faster to make.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wenus2 View Post
    .....I assure you there is no mistaking the quality of these spinners in person. Like all of Dave's work, the quality is top notch.
    Regardless of looks cheap or not in the pictures, I have no doubts about the quality of David's work at all! I'm sure they both look much better in person, I just like the looks of the original.

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    I don't feel one is head and shoulders above the other. I say go with what you like making better.

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    Without a doubt the new one. It isn't something we see everyday and had a lot of style.

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    I like the look of the new ones. factor in using darker and lighter wood patterns and it would truly shine.
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    I like them both equally, maybe the newer one a bit more because its not something you see every day. Have you thought about making some out of unique woods? The prettiest LS I've ever seen was made out of Birdseye maple and that was a custom item.

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    I have read and reread all the opinions here and one thing it me squarely. I should have contacted the customer first and allowed her to either approve the new design or stay wilth the old design. SImply sending it to her without giving her a heads-up was indeed unfair. So I sent an email offering to replace it at no charge and pay for the return shipping both ways.

    Thanks for all the opinions and for helping me to see past the end of my own nose.
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    Classy as always David!

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