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Thread: Nakiri length - 165mm or 180mm?

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    I have an 185mm that is one of my top 2 knives used.

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    nikiri is not a used knife in sushi. i find little to no use for it anymore. but in a french kitchen it kills veg prep! I will ruin a stock pot full of mire poix will a nikiri!

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    165 has seemed short to me. In a strange way, a slightly longer (180ish) nakiri seems plenty long. I also seem to prefer a taller blade. I don't have space issues in my kitchen, and generally use a 15x20 board.

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    The finest nakiri I ever used was one by Butch that was roughly 170, with a tall heel and slightly shorter toe. It also had a rounded tip, which I liked because I've used some that love to find their tips jammed into the board when chopping double time.

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    For what its worth, most of my knives are 210 to 240 but I have a 165 nakiri (moritaka) and its a great size and I never feel like I wish it were longer. There are many shapes of nakiri but mine looks like a dollar bill on a stick with a 90 degree heel and tip. Best push cutter I have, plus it allows me to make vertical and lateral cuts without having to raise the handle up like on the nakiris that have a rounded tip.
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