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Thread: Looking to Expand

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    Nice and not a bad looking prototype leather saya. I have a DT ITK that could use one... I'm sure that would be better then my exotic wood requests that I have been giving you

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    I got the machine up and running, and got one prototype sheath made. There is a learning curve to work leather and to use a sewing machine, but I have been getting some guidance and am not a stranger to figuring things out and learn new things fast, so I expect to be up and running in fairly short time.

    I like the leather sheath. My version is going to have a snap, to keep the knife securely inside the sheath (not that it needs it, the fit is tight). For pros, this might be a better option than a wooden one.

    I need to order some threads, needles, snaps, rivets and more leather, so it might be a couple of week or so before you will see another prototype.



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