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Thread: kitchen pranks

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    wyoming, closer to nowhere than somewhere.
    Sending the newbie off to get a bowl of co2. Usually the other store is set up to end up giving them a bowl just covered. If no basement tell the newbee when asked "where is x" reply "its in the basement."

    Make a roux and call it butterscotch pudding. Someone always tries it. Wrapped a coworkers jeep, inside and out with plastic wrap. put confetti in a friends car vents, so when they turn on the car it blows out on them.

    Chewie's the man.

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    south east florida
    gave a server a piece of dark curry as chocolate bar.

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    I've had my car cling wrapped, I've had my pushbike suspended from an eleven ft ceiling, I've had my locker filled with packing peanuts.

    Each time I totally deserved it...

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    Ooo reminds me of another one. Not so much a prank, more just cruelty. an old "it's your last shift" tradition we had going for a while, cling wrap / tape the person to a chair and cover them in 20L of ice water, flour, eggs, whipped cream, fish sauce... You name it. Luckily at this place we were a resort on the ocean so we jumped into the ocean in full uniform after

    Peanut butter or something sticky under the car door handles is also good.

    This thread is giving me lots of new ammo... Muhaha

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    green tea ice cream that's really a ball of wasabi
    wasabi tempura
    coffee puck cake
    staining tasting spoons with jalapenos/bird's eye chillis
    ask apprentice to smell a large mixing bowl. hit bowl hard
    get waitstaff to send in fake dockets
    put someone's phone in watertight container. place in bigger container. fill with water. freeze. make a call when they're in the freezer
    proclaim to apprentice that there is salt in the sugar. tell them it needs to be sifted to separate
    throwing a sack of flour on someone's last shift

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    How could I forget about Mr. Marbles?

    We would hide him in your office under your desk or in your chair or maybe at the end of the night when you drive home he's sitting in your child seat in the back of your Acadia. Never know.....

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    Man, I could write a book... The best prank at a restaurant I was ever part of was when we put salt in the sugar dispenser next to the staff coffee machine. Simple, but VERY effective.

    Best firehall prank would have to go to a former Toronto Maple Leaf turned FF who I have worked with. He had the other guys in the hall all get in on it to convince the new rookie that he had to quit the NHL because of a motor bike accident that cost him his leg. He never spoke about it, but the guys all quietly would whisper things like, "Man, he's amazing at his job considering that accident", and "have you seen the guy play recently? He just started up with hockey again and he skates circles around the guys, even with the prosthetic". All the while, he's take his boots off...well, the right one, and keep the left on at all times. Sometimes he'd fake a small limp and rub just below his knee, while NEVER mentioning a thing. Finally, one day the rookie got curious and asked the guys about it. Of course their response was that he'd lost his leg in a bike accident, and was pretty sensitive about it. A few months later, Christmas came around and the ex-hockey player brought in some pictures of the family playing with their presents, etc. one of the pics had been photoshopped so that he only ha one leg, and was in pajama shorts. Crutches were leanin up against the wall beside him, to complete the effect. The guys all looked at the pics, and when they got to the rookie, his eyes bulged out of his head...but he stayed quiet. Fast forward three more months, and not another word was said. The act was kept up until one day, the hockey player snapped, looked at the rookie and said, "Holy sh!t! I can't do it anymore. Do you really think they'd let a guy with one leg be a firefighter? I haven't been able to kick bot my boots off, for 8 months because of you! Do you know how hard it was to time my showers so you wouldn't see?"

    Talk about commitment to a joke!

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    put fish sauce in my sous chefs beer then got him a new beer and just before I left for the night he was having a smoke so I put fish sauce in his second beer aswell. next day he rode me the whole day

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    Replacing cheese with butter is pretty common where I work

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    Make a bundt cake out of old, sticky coffee grounds by pressing into a bowl really hard. Garnish with chocolate syrup and tell servers it's an oreo bundt cake.

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