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Thread: kitchen pranks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vic Cardenas View Post
    We had this "berry sauce" that looked like blood. I filled a latex glove with it, slipped my hand in and started running around the kitchen screaming. Everybody's face turned white.

    A month or so after that, we all had a day where we were all playing simple pranks on each other. It all culminated with the sous chef sticking a pretty graphic note on my back. Which I didn't notice for quite some time. When I did notice, I told him I was going to get him back someday. Well, I sure did...

    Me and the sous chef in the past had talked about ulcers. I used to have pretty bad ulcers that I treated and cured. He was having them pretty bad. I baited him by telling him "God, I think my ulcers are coming back. My stomach has been hurting really bad lately." About an hour later I went and filled my mouth with the aforementioned "berry sauce". I walked out of the walk in, found him and gave him my best acting of my life. I gave him a sickly look. I clutched my stomach and grabbed the wall like I was reeling in pain. I let loose my mouth full of "blood" all over the floor in front of him. His face drained of blood and jaw hit the floor. Now I know what someone's face looks like when they really think that I am seconds from death. Its a look of fear, terror and concern... times 10. He grabbed me and yelled "Vic! Vic! Sit down!" Then he grabbed the phone and I started busting out laughing. I said "I told you I would get you back, mf'er!" Then he gave me a good punch in my chest.

    I know... that was really cold.

    That is brilliant... I've always wanted to do something like that , but lack any acting ability and would probably blow it.

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    if you have a blister on your hand(usually from burns) you can always just put some beurre blanc or mayo on it and pretend that it just popped. then eat it!

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    Hide a coffee creamer pod in the palm one hand (the little single serving cups with the peel off lids). peel back the lid so it's almost open, but still sealed. it should burst with a light squeeze.
    Pretend you have a speck of something in your eye.
    Grab a fork with your other hand and act like you are going to try to scrape the speck out. Cover your eye with the "creamer" hand, with the creamer concealed behind your hand, so they can't see what's actually happening to your eye. Then puncture the creamer cup with the fork and act like your eye just burst.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyChance View Post
    Long story short, if you garnish just about ANYTHING the right way, servers will attempt to eat anything.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dusty View Post
    Stuck his fingers I caramel? Sounds like he'd be out of his depth in a puddle.

    I love misinformation pranks. A really dumb (but sweet) server came to the pass in the middle of a function:

    "Chef, what sort of meat is the rillettes?"
    "Oh, that's camel..."
    "Really. What cut ?"
    "Um, that's the toe."
    "Do you get much meat in a camel toe?"
    "Yeah, you'd be surprised..."

    We had the FOH manager fill her in before she could offer any customers the cameltoe rillettes.

    Quote Originally Posted by panda View Post
    Messing with the FOH are the best pranks, haha
    Particularly enjoyed the camel toe story, shared that one with my cooks.
    Not one day goes by without it round these parts...
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