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Thread: Edge Grain Boards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sambal View Post
    I do this but garlic especially is pervasive. Don't get me wrong, garlic is great, just not on my fruit or desserts if I have to cut them on the board.
    Have you tried bamboo? I have the same issue with garlic on my board. I've tried everything to get the smell out after chopping it but it still stays. Now I use the flex mats for meat and a bamboo for onions and garlic. Bamboo doesn't retain smells, can get washed in the sink and its cheap enough to replace if needed in the future.

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    I admit wiping down the endgrain does do well.I cut onions,garlic & ginger on the board at night clean it & chop frozen fruits for a smoothie in the morning no problem.

    I am conditioned right or wrong about raw protiens,esp chicken.At work had to take a safe food coarse,temps hot & cold,FIFO,cross contamination etc. it has stuck with me.

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    in our household, the boards do get a rinse after use.
    I went ahead and ordered some of those flex mats. Let's see how they work out into the routine of things

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