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Thread: Mag Block??

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    Mag Block??

    I know a lot of you like the mag blocks for knife storage. Is there any particular one thats better than the general ones I see on amazon? I have toddlers that loves to be in the kitchen with me so I don't want to get the wrong one and have one of my knives fall off.

    Thanks for your input

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    Mag-blok is the product name.

    They're good but... Compare them to some of the products offered here.
    Older and wider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveb View Post
    Mag-blok is the product name.

    They're good but... Compare them to some of the products offered here.
    Thanks Dave. I didn't know which was good and reliable or if anyone here made them.

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    I have one of the Benchcrafted magbloks. Never had a knife fall off it. There is one spot on the block that if you put a knife there it wants to rotate in a clockwise direction though. ALl in all, I'm pleased with it and would buy another if I needed one more.

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    Had a couple magbloks and they're good for the price. Knives rotate a bit if nudged, one was worse than another, I just got one of Jon's and it's much better.

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    I have 3 Mag-Bloks that hold 15 knives. The heaviest of which is a 10" Z-Kramer chef's knife, which outweighs any of my 240-270 mm gyutos. I find the amount of magnets in the block to be just right. They hold the blades firmly, but not so much that grabbing a knife is difficult or risk flexing unnecessarily. You really don't want a block that has an iron grip on the knives that can cause accidental slamming of edges or bending when grabbing a knife. For the price, you can't find a better option in fit+finish and functionality.

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    Thanks guys, that's the info I was looking for!

    How many knives can you get on one safely? Right now I have 10, the biggest being a hirimoto 240, but you know how this obsession goes

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    depends on the width of the blades... the most i have on an 18in one is 11 and they are all sujis and pettys. 8 is more reasonable.

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    Thanks guys! Y'all have been a huge help!!

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    I can snugly fit 6 to 7 240-270 mm Gyutos on a single 18" Mag-Blok, but I prefer 5 to allow for adequate separation. If you can afford an extra block to space out your knives, it's worth it.
    For you, 10 knives and not all gyutos, I'd recommend 2 18" blocks. That's just my humble opinion.
    PS - buy direct...if you have any local stores that carry Benchcrafted, chances are they'll charge a hefty premium that surpasses shipping costs from BC (at least they do in my area).

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