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Thread: Re-sell : Double Sided Stones [Damaged in transit to NY]

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    Re-sell : Double Sided Stones [Damaged in transit to NY]

    Hello hello,

    I have 2 double sided king stones (1000/6000) that were damaged on its way to NY.

    List Price $48.50 without shipping
    Selling stones $35 with shipping included or best offered.

    Both of them are chipped on the corners, but it is very much still usable.

    Stone #1

    Stone #2 (this one is in better condition)

    Discoloration from lights? Maybe? This wasn't here when it was given to me, but I think the light in our office discolors everything. (My sneakers went from gray to tan after 3 days of sitting in the office. Its very strange.)

    Thanks for looking!
    - Mari

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    I'll take it Mari
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    I would take the other.
    It's about time my sister gets her own stone and some lessons.
    Please PM with payment info.
    Thanks Mari!
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