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Thread: Need advice... Which one of these Deba knives should i buy?

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    Need advice... Which one of these Deba knives should i buy?

    Hello to all... I've been a few days looking for a Deba knife, I need it to break down chicken, rabbit and also fish (gilt-head bream, salmon, seabass, cod...).

    So... I found some, which one recommend you to buy?

    -. Kitaoka 180mm Deba Blue #2 $165

    -. Tojiro Aogami Steel Deba Blue #2 180mm $229

    -. Kobayashi Hon Kasumi Deba Blue #2 180mm $260

    -. Kitaoka Suminagashi Deba Shirogami #2 180mm $305

    -. Tojiro Suminagashi Deba Blue #2 180mm $284

    -. Tadafusa Aogami Hon Kasumi Blue #2 180mm $210

    -. Aritsugu Deba Blue Steel 180mm $304

    -. Yoshikane Hon Kasumi Deba Blue #2 180mm $298

    I'll be grateful if you give me a bit of light to choose well.

    Thank you.

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    I would highly suggest getting a honesuki for breaking down chicken and rabbit, as that is the task that knife is designed for, and get a deba for Japanese fish butchery. If you do not know or intend to learn the Japanese way of breaking down fish with a deba, then you are better served with a western style fillet knife.

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    Get the lowest priced one if it is your first. If it is your first single bevel knife i would recommend something even cheaper to learn how to sharpen. has some super low priced ones

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    Thank you for the answers... The fact is that I used my friend's deba many times and love it (chicken is like butter, even bones), so I want my own.

    Anyways, it's not my first single bevel, I've a Watanabe yanagiba blue#2, and I use it for everything less for what it should be... I mean, from remove the salmon's skin to cutting ham... Also have a Hankotsu 70/30 but is short.

    Yeah, call me sacrilegious, heretic, blasphemer... But I did and will... And In many years on the kitchen, I've seen many times that I'm saying, people use all knives for all purposes... A thing is the theory and very different other one the daily reality and the habits and customs of every cook.

    The history is full of things that have been invented for an intention and ultimately they have been used for other one, beginning for the dynamite... LOL... Would not be bad to read one day a thread on cutting things with our knives that are not contemplated in the purpose for the one that they were created.

    So, in a back to the point... My handicap is that I know this brands because they are always in the most famous web sites but I don't have experiences with it...

    The Kitaoka is a good option for me because is cheapest, also for the quality?

    Some recommendation more?... what about the Tojiros?... And the Tadafusa?... I have read good opinions on them in this forum.


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    Of the ones listed, I would probably get the Yoshikane. I haven't used a Yoshikane deba, but I've owned and used several other Yoshikanes, and they are very good knives.

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    Thank you for the reply, still reading and looking for it... For sure Yoshikane is considered.


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