323mm Mizu Honyaki Wa Suji
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Thread: 323mm Mizu Honyaki Wa Suji

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    323mm Mizu Honyaki Wa Suji

    I wasn't initially intending to sell this right away, but some things have come up that I need to deal with.

    Quote Originally Posted by CrisAnderson27 View Post
    The suji is finished .

    Overall stats:
    Weight - 239g
    Balance right at the maker's mark. I honestly thought this one was going to end up a little handle heavy, and require some serious and creative adjustment.
    Edge length - 323mm (12.7")
    Heel to belly (flat part of edge) - 140mm (5.5"), but the upsweep from there is VERY gentle. What I did was watched hundreds of people cutting with suji on YouTube lol, and adjusted the curve of the belly to suit.
    Overall length - 500mm (19.7")
    Height at heel - 41mm (1.61")
    Height at midblade - 33.8mm (1.33")
    Height 5cm from tip - 21mm (.82")
    This blade was a lot of fun to make. If you've read the thread you know its the longest kitchen knife I've ever made lol. There was a couple times I thought it might not make it...but it managed to pull through . Overall I'm very pleased with it. I feel this knife represents my goals with these knives, and hopefully upholds not only my aesthetic standards, but also my performance standards.

    Blade: Aldo Bruno W2 (old stock).
    Spine thickness is 2.41mm above the heel, 1.96mm midblade, 1.47 5cm from the tip, and 1mm 1cm from the tip.
    Thickness 1cm above the edge is 1.21mm above the heel, 1.25mm midblade, 1.17 5cm from the tip, and 1mm 1cm from the tip.
    Thickness 2cm above the edge is 2.03mm above the heel, 1.84mm midblade, and 1.45 5cm from the tip.
    The blade seems to cut very well. It went through stacked skirt steak (for fajitas!) like nobodies business. The other things I've cut with it probably weren't a good judge of its intended purpose...but it handled general cooking tasks with ease.

    Handle: Stabilized box elder burl, water buffalo horn, and nickel silver.
    Length - 146mm (5.74")
    Ferrule, width x height - 20.1mm x 20.08mm (.79"x.79")
    Butt, width x height - 23.14mm x 23.99mm (.91"x.91")
    I'm very happy with the handle. About the only thing I'd change is the color of the wood portion...as the piece I ordered looked grey in the pictures, lol. The idea was a pure monotone, but it came out so well that I decided to keep it .

    So there we are folks, my first suji! Please feel free to critique. If there's anything you prefer (I understand much of that is subjective...but I'm still interested in opinions!) in a knife, or would change if the knife were for you...I'd love to hear it.

    Thanks for looking!
    I was told not to let this go for less than $850, but since I need the money...I'll take $750 plus fees and shipping. I'm going to be repolishing it this weekend, epoxying the handle on (its temporarily set with beeswax now), and it will be available to ship on Monday morning.

    If you'd like more information, either about the blade itself or even a walk through of how I made it, please feel free to PM me.

    Thank you.
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    Hey Chris - that is a damn sexy knife, and I just dont think too many people look this far down the threads from the main page.
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    I have been trying to stay away from this thread... I saw the knife earlier and really liked it. The grind from the heel shot looks very nice. I hope you sell this one soon. It's a beautiful knife!


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    Holy-smack-my-Lily-white-ass! How is this massive thing of beauty still available?

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    Really beautiful work.

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    Beautiful knife Cris, as one of the few who got to handle the gyuto Son was trying out, I must say I am sure this suji is fantastic. The only thing keeping me from picking it up other than a bunch of pending custom orders is the extreme length. I love the handle and as always your hamon's are expertly polished!
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    Thank you so much everyone! I very much appreciate the compliments and the bumps keeping the thread up. The blade is sold pending funds as of this morning .

    I've been out of the forge for a few weeks, trying to get other things straightened out. My company had been out of work for a good while, and finally decided that they couldn't maintain their work force. Unfortunately I couldn't stay on waiting with no work, so I was one of the ones let go. I'm going to be catching up on orders this week (hopefully!), so be on the look out for more pretties in my thread .
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    this one really hurts me in a deep deep way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Gibson View Post
    this one really hurts me in a deep deep way.
    323mm deep?
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    Wow that is an amazing knife. A stunning handle too!

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