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Thread: Gallery - Western Re-Handles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korin_Mari View Post
    Holy geez!! It took me a while to realize that was a Togiharu. You're amazing! I'm going to show Ms. Kawano later.

    Thats so awesome!! ::show other employees::

    Thanks Mari

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    Here we have a conversion from a stock Carter Fukugozai muteki style two rivet partial tang to a hidden tang custom western handle. The owner said to use a blue bolster and dark wood handle and let me run with it from there.

    I chose redwood burl for the main handle and a dyed blue redwood for the bolster. The red redwood came from Stefan Keller and the blue dyed came from Burl Source.

    I moved the handle forward about 1/4" towrads the blade because it sat IMO too far back and looked goofy with my wood installed.

    I have to admit that this wasn't the easiest or best that I've ever done and this is in great part due to the partial mini tang that I had to work with. But I do think that in the end the results should work well. I hope the owner likes it though.
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    This owner likes it - a lot. Ya done good.
    Older and wider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveb View Post
    This owner likes it - a lot. Ya done good.

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    Looks great! I would have asked for a black ferule, but that's just personal taste.

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    Looks Great Dave!
    I really like your western hidden tang style handle.
    Look forward to seeing more handles like this.
    Maybe something red & black on a gyuto.
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    I have to say, I really like the dyed blue bolster.

    Nice work, Dave.

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    It really works!
    Spike C
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    Yeah it really works

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    I finished this one up today, it's for a breast cancer charity auction that's being held at Badger & Blade in few days time. Jon & Sara donated the knife and I did the rehandle and sharpening.

    The knife is a 180mm Gahoujin stainless santoku, the scales are English Sycamore, we used pink G10 liners, and mosaic pins.

    I like this little knife and I can see this being a good choice for some folks. Here's how it came to me from Jon....

    Here it is after rehandling....

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