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Thread: Gallery - Western Re-Handles

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    OMG those three are stunners! The suji is my favourite by a hair but damn they all look amazing!

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    there are quite a few Norfolk pines all over Oahu can't speak for the other islands though, the story I've always been told is that Ozzie brought them back in the day for mast production on there boats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aboynamedsuita View Post
    I did some cursory research and it seems like Norfolk Pine and Cook Pine may both be on Hawaii (?), with cook Pine being the more common of the two. Apparently they often get called Norfolk Pine by default. Either way it looks neat, can't wait to see in person
    That's what I heard. I got all my spalted pine from Hawaii's Big Island. Norfolk pine is more colorful when it spalts than Cook pine, but both are very nice. Of course, for knife handles they should be stabilized like any other spalted wood. However, bowls turned from untreated, heavily spalted Norfolk pine are among the nicest things you can do with wood.

    See here:

    When you turn them thin enough, the wood becomes translucent and spectacular with a back light. I wish I had the talent for that... The supplier I got my wood from in the past said these pines need about two years in very specific conditions to develop the spalting, and it is hit & miss reg. how intense or colorful the spalting will be - thin line between colorful spalting and rotting away.


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