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Thread: Gallery - Western Re-Handles

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    LOL - that was the exact knife that Judd pointed me towards as inspiration. He had always admired your knife and wanted something similar.

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    While Dave is not a fan of the shape, this knife has great balance. I used it for Xmas eve, Xmas breakfast, and xmas dinner. I am very impressed with how this knife turned out.

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    Hey Judd that's great to hear that you're pleased with it. True I wasn't all in for this one but I'm happy that you got what you wanted as that's what matters the most and I think it's growing on me too so it's all good.

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    Good! You're probably going to get a chance to do another pretty quick here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Pescador View Post
    Good! You're probably going to get a chance to do another pretty quick here!
    LOL - I'm already looking forward to it.

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    Vintage Gustav EmilErn Scimitar

    This is a long time coming, one of the longest projects in house that I've had for sure. It turned out to be quite a challenge on many levels, one that I sometimes wished I never got started with, but in the end I think the results should work well and the customer will be happy.

    Initially another block of wood was sent in that I proceded to screw up when attempting to make a notch in it to insert the half tang into. Yup - I said half tang - that was part of the problem. The customer sent me another block of spalted something or other that entered in another problem - spalted wood.

    I have filled and sanded this handle a total of 4 times now and it's still coming up with punky sections where it's flaky and rough and some where the CA glue won;t stick so there's small pits. This is a good lesson for all of us - don't buy wood from just any source and just say no to spalted woods. LOL

    So to deal with the half tang (like I mentioned above) I started off to make a slot to drop the tang down into and when that didn't work out well I took a break from it for a couple of months to think about another way, a better cleaner way. The reason why I didn't want to do the slot is that unless perfectly fit it will look sloppy when filled in with epoxy. The factory likely used a slotter saw to cut an exact depth and length slot to fit the tang in and Dave doesn;t have such a thing so I bailed on the sloppy way and went with something else. What I came up with is to fabricate a form fit spacer to fit in between scales. From the top sides you see tang, from the bottom you see spacer, and only on the ass end do you see both - you see the line where the tang stops and the spacer begins (I believe that you can see these details in the pictures). Getting this all fit up tight wasn't as easy as I had hoped it would be but the results came out better than I wished for so I'm pleased with this aspect of the job.

    The old "scales" were actually one block notched out to fit the tang and then slid onto the blade. This offered great hand protection for the user but impeded the sharpening of the blade, something that as a professional sharpener really irks me, so I set out to retain the hand safety yet also allow for full blade sharpening and I think I did good on this as well.

    I added a tad more palm swell to the underside to make for better comfort and rounded and eased all corners. The handle feels pretty comfy in hand.

    Something worth noting is that since this is a butcher's knife it's used with the hammer type grip where the comfort of a palm swell is very important. This is something that normally makes a handle feel clunky on a chef's knife because they're mostly used in a pinch grip where too much palm swell pushes the fingers apart and makes the handle feel too fat and the blade too small.

    Anyway, here's the knife looking all spiffy, ready to head back to it's owner to start on it's new patina.
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    I forgot to mention that we went with copper pins (the customer's choice actually) and they look great. We both think that they'll look even better when they darken up over time.

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    Very nicely done, Dave.

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    Now that is how I like to start a new year!!! You're the man Dave, thank you for all the time and effort, it looks amazing. I know the wood was a major pain but boy did it come out stunning. I just burnt through my last NY strip so I'll be putting this bad boy to work breaking down a strip loin ASAP. Can't wait. Thanks again. I think this is the 3rd rehandle job you've done for me and every one was incredible. You'll have my business as long as you're in the business.

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