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Thread: Shipping Issue

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    I got used to waiting for month for my packages... thats just how post service+customs are functioning. Even for insured and trackable packages (like USPS Express for example) it usually takes 3-4 weeks to ship from US to Russia... and it takes like 2-5 days for the package to travel over US and all the rest time is lost somewhere in Russia.

    Once it took 2.5 months to deliver package from US to me with cheapest airmail service. It was a cheap package and I just assumed it was lost, so wasn't really cared. To my great surprise it safely arrived. It was a warm hat which I ordered just before Christmas. Arrived somewhere in March...

    So choosing a trackable and insured shipping for countries like Russia would be probably the best way for you. So as for recipients. Just don't be upset by such things. Sometimes **** happens

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    I prefer to have things with a tracking number because it saves me a load of time. Way it works over here is that when your package arrives they hold it in your nearest delivery depot then send you a letter telling you to pay the fess blah blah blah and it takes ages. But if it's tracked I know exactly when it gets here and just get it and pay the fees in person, saves loads of time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty View Post
    If something goes wrong in a transaction with me, or any other vendor on here, please let us know, and I'm sure we'll do what we can to make it right. That is, in my opinion, one if the best parts of buying from small businesses, and not faceless corporations - we really do care. As you all likely know, we are passionate about helping people get products that suit them and they will be proud to use.
    Lefty, I think you hit the nail on the head here. As small businessmen we know how important each and every customer is and customer service is number one, two and three on the list of priorities. Lefty, I'd stand beside you any time, any where.
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    I've always gotten stuff from Lefty quickly as well as others from Canada, but one time a package took about 4-5 weeks. The luck of the draw and what customs randomly selects.

    With that said, whenever I ship knives I kiss them and hug them good-bye just in case I never see them again

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    Hey Tom. Curious to know where this stands at the moment. Has a final decision come yet?

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    Mistakes and losses will always happen ! It is how you handle it that madders
    I have lost some money many times. But what i have found out that if you treat your costumers good they will return and buy many times more then you loos in the end !
    So don't be worried to loos some money here and there. If your costumers is happy they will come back and pay your looses back !

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    Overall this forum has a great reputation for the honesty of its members. If you think about it, there is a significant amount money that is exchanged each week on the B/S/T forum and you almost never see any public grievances about people getting ripped off.

    With that said, I firmly believe in tracking and in some cases insurance. I rather pay the extra few bucks and have piece of mind then try to save a few bucks and then wonder what happened. I would say that this is the unfortunate cost of doing business.

    Keep up the good work and hopefully this doesn't change your opinion of the forum members that purchase from you.

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    Get your ass back up on the horse Tom. you can do it

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