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Thread: My first end grain cutting board!

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    That looks really cool!

    I have always wanted to rig up a shoestring end grain cutting board myself, but the reasons to buy from Dave just keep piling up. I was guilty of believing I can do it myself at first, but now, even if I had a full size workshop and all the materials and tools, I'd still want one of his.

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    You are right there. I wanted one of Daves for a while now, but the missus is more apt at holding onto funds, then giving them for a "cutting board?" So I picked up a little here, a couple clamps there, a little rental here and there, and I got a board. It was a fun build, I learned alot! I did learn, Dave doesn't charge enough!!

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    All done. Added some rubber feet, 3/4" bottom, and a 1" top. Used a forstner bit to recess them a bit so they wern't to high. Added last coat of board wax. I couldn't get over how fast this thing absorbed mineral oil! Almost 500ml. Hope that wasn't too much...

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    Pierre, you are a talented custom cutler. If your wife can't see the justification for a cutting board, then God help us all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PierreRodrigue View Post
    I was looking in my favorite specialty wood shop for knife handle material, and seen a nice selection of black walnut, and black cherry. Hmmm, says I, I wonder... Here is the result. I just need to wax it, this is after the mineral oil treatment.

    old thread sorry but holy $#&@....... i want. gorgeous board

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