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Thread: rituals

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    My pre service ritual is thinking about how much I still miss the pre service smoke.

    If you're going through hell, keep going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuckles View Post
    My pre service ritual is thinking about how much I still miss the pre service smoke.
    I really miss the after-work smoke. The "out the door and in the parking lot", "see you later" cigarette.
    Sometimes I really do miss smoking.

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    One workplace, we would play 'in the ghetto' by Elvis as our last pre-service song. The singalong would change the lyrics slightly to 'in the gateaux' - a reference to gateaux pimentes, Mauritian street food we served as a bar snack. We did this for all busy services for nearly a year.

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    Like others I'm rarely ready for service. The odd time I am, I'm generally thinking of what I'm gonna have to clean if it ain't busy which sucks

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    Y'all don't ever feel ready for a service???

    I get absolutely crushed on an almost daily basis - busy restaurant, my station is a monster, the ratio to kitchen vs FOH/dining room is crazy etc - but I generally feel set. There's always minor busy work but more often than not I feel good if we're going to do 150 or 250.

    One of the first 'real' cooking jobs (high end, learned a lot) I had was at a place where the menu was printed daily. So we were always running to catch up & you wouldn't know three of your dishes a half hour before service... which at the time was annoying and sucked, but I learned a lot and it did make me a better cook.

    I worked at another place where you were required to have all your mise ready a half hour before service or you were sent home. Everyone including the chef took a break and sat out back. Never seen that anywhere else but it did make for a smoother service (more often than not).

    For me I like the basics like a pre service smoke & piss.

    Other than that, I don't feel set unless I have my stack of towels. Folding them is my little ritual that I do as people are walking in, puts me at ease.

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    I roll in a half hour early, coffee in hand and walk directly to the walkins.
    I check the veg fridge, check the meat fridge then the mise fridge.
    With the nights menu(s)/function sheet(s) in hand Ill go check out the reserves, say hi to the front and make a triple shot to be consumed while translating the menu accompanied with nicotine infusion.

    I go change, fold my towels for service, set my gear in a 1/3 pan on my station and set up my stereo.

    Mise and tunes till it's smoke time then I check everyones sections and mise lists, if it's all good it's time for more coffee.

    Before a busy service I'll throw on Carmina Burana or flight of the Valkyries, you know, for fun.

    As for the closing ritual....

    An hour before we close I start downsizing and cleaning, usually with metal blaring down the line, then I cart up my mise, stick in back then switch to guywithaclipboard mode and go apeshit on the walkins, write my report for the chef, check the next days menu and functions and pull **** from the freezer if needed.
    At eleven if we don't have any bills up I uncart my mise, shut down everything and let the rationals cool down while check the night roomservice mise in the winebar then smoke.

    After close and after changing I do a paranoid sweep of the walkins, the pastry kitchen, production and the line to make sure things are proper, sign off the close sheet, drop it at reception, punch out and go smoke en route to the metro.
    (points to mouth)
    food goes in here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuckles View Post
    This is the best argument for biting the bullet and opening my own place that I have seen in a while.
    I'd show up.....wouldn't mind another one of those butterscotch panna cottas either. D@MN, I was thinking about those last night...had to grab a towel and clean up my drool.

    Remember: You're a unique individual...just like everybody else.

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