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Thread: FS: Moritaka Damascus Nakiri 165, Carbonext Paring 125

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    FS: Moritaka Damascus Nakiri 165, Carbonext Paring 125

    I've had my fun with both of these, but ready to move them on to someone else. Both were purchased used on here.

    Moritaka Damascus Nakiri, 165 mm. Core is Aogami Super. The Damascus pattern is pretty subtle, and the cladding does oxidize, so I forced a patina. (I will remove the patina with Flitz on buyer's request, but I recommend leaving it on.) Underneath there are some light scratches from nylon scrubbie. Handle is rosewood.

    This nakiri is nice and thin and cuts well. I believe it was custom-made for BKDC, who I bought it from. No overgrind issues as are sometimes seen on the Supreme (kurouchi) series. Not sure the original price, but the Damascus series goes for a significant more than the Supreme.

    Selling for the price I paid, $99, incl. CONUS shipping.

    Also up is a JCK Carbonext paring knife, 125mm. Again, purchased used on here, but only used a few times. Selling for $45 incl. CONUS shipping.
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    Oh, forgot to mention Moritaka comes with box. Carbonext is naked.

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    Hmmm. That Moritaka is nice. Too bad I need to save money for a change.

    Take a look around at:

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    Both of these are SPF.

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    Both are now sold.

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