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Thread: New handle

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    I'd say it's a fine looking D handle for a Western gyuto, great work Chris.

    I might have to steel some of your ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty View Post
    I think Chris actually went into Don's brain and implanted the idea long before either made a knife handle. The fact that he's making them after Don is all a cover. You Inception.
    I hope this isn't a dream I'm living in right now...

    Chris that looks awesome. Fit and finish looks great.

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    how does the blade perform?

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    It's pretty thin. The grind is relatively flat. The stainless cladding is pretty crappy looking, but the AS edge is awesome. It makes a nice lightweight small board or line knife. For the money, the larger Dojos are a terrific value.
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    Nice Chris

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