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Thread: starter leather hanging strops for razor

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    starter leather hanging strops for razor

    I finally decided to try a straight razor and so now want to buy an inexpensive hanging strop.

    I am trying to decide between the two of these. I could easily be persuaded to try something else but am hoping to keep the cost in this range.

    I believe the dimension of this one is ~16 x 2.3 but it looks to be made of quality materials.

    This one is about the same size and looks to be well made.

    Has anyone had experience with either vendor?

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    I've done business with both vendors; they are both reputable.

    I do have a suggestion. Spend just a little more and get a 3" wide strop. The extra width makes it so much easier to strop, as you can get the entire edge on the strop at one time instead of having to use an 'x' stroke.

    Take a look at this one:

    I've a razor case made by Mountain Mike and he does excellent work.

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    Thanks PT! I had looked at the 3 inch strops as well but wasn't sure if it was necessary. I will try the one you recommended and report back.

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    I got my first straight recently too. I wanted to make my initial investment as low as possible so I repurposed spare knife sharpening gear for honing and stropping. I've been using a 3 x 11 bovine mag pad on my base. Works really well for me. Might save you a few bucks if you have one.

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    I have a similar Mountain Mike strop from same vendor in 3" and agree that 3" is the way to go, particularly when learning to strop. Just keep in mind, when learning to strop, you may nick the strop. Can always start cheaper and work your way up if you don't want to damage it. I was certain I'd be able to strop without nicks, and was just flat out wrong. Even still, no regrets on the strop you linked.

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    yepp 3" is recommended. then when you get a hang of it get yourself a 2,5" witch give you more feeling for what you do.

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