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Thread: HHH Knives Prebuy 240mm AEB-L Gyuto

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crothcipt View Post
    I'm excited, not knowing when I will get a knife I was happy I got a e-mail from you saying it was on the way. I am just wondering what the note meant by 113?
    Yea, Sorry about the confusion. Your the 4th person asking about that. That number is actually a HHH Custom Knives website thing. To help me keep track of orders that came through the site. your order was 113. Not your knife number!!

    Im also pleased to say that almost all of the USA Pre Buy orders that came from KKF were in this round of knives.. Unless you requested a higher number then 50 and didnt ask me to change your order..

    There were a few USA orders that were from the last week or so that didnt make the cut. and some of you guys that are international. You guys and gals will be first on my list when the second package arrives from L&G!

    God Bless YA!

    Inspired by God, Forged by Fire, Tempered by Water, Grounded by Earth, Guided by the spirit.. Randy Haas

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    Dang, I thought it was a typo and I got 13.... but I remember someone wanting that number.
    Chewie's the man.

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    Just got home from work and saw my email confirmation, wasn't expecting to be in the first 50. Super excited!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HHH Knives View Post
    Good Stuff! Both the knife and the goodies Chef Large brought over!!

    Chef Please describe this amazing goodness. I know my description would not do it justice and would consist of MMmm M Mm Mmmm good and Yummm Yummm Yummm!!!!
    WOW, these knives are gorgeous , nice work!

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    They first 50 boxes are all delivered to the post man. and should be to you all in just a few days!

    Thanks again!

    Inspired by God, Forged by Fire, Tempered by Water, Grounded by Earth, Guided by the spirit.. Randy Haas

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    Exciting news! Looking forward to reading user reports, and seeing pics of these in the wild, on top of piles of cut food!

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    tracking says Friday........*SIGH*.........

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    Tracking shows Thursday for me. Now..... time to plan what I'm making for dinner on Thursday. I'm sure that it needs to involve lots of thing to prep!!

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    Sweet Thursday is the day! I am thinking of what to make as well, more cutting the better.
    Have a knife day!

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    You guys are a bunch of knifenuts mine due Friday

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