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Thread: First Kitchen Knife Done!

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    Liking the cocobolo and the handle looks pretty symmetrical which is always tricky to get right.

    I'd definitely go thinner behind the edge, would also be nice to see an even hand rubbed finish as well. Finishing with scratches going heel to tip makes it much easier to maintain the finish/even out sharpening scratches from thinning etc.

    Looking forward to hearing how it cuts

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    Just wanted to give you guys an update. The grind may be a tad thick, but I haven't had any trouble cutting anything. Then again, I also don't have any very thin knives. My best one is a Wüsthof. The blade is also developing a very nice patina.

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    Beautiful work! the patina is coming along nicely.

    Are you planning on thinning behind the edge or the grind?

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    I don't think I will right now, maybe in the future. I also don't think it's quite as thick as it looks in the picture. It also might be just a little thicker at the very heel because I didn't want to grind into where the handle would go. That may have caused it to look a little thicker.

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    You should be very proud!

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    I think it's an amazing first knife. I'll agree w/ Marko's tips, but that was my first attempt I'd be pleased as peach!

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    Thanks guys! Means a lot.

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    Cool man! Looks great for a first!
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    I was experimenting with patinas and decided to regrind it a bit.

    Onion patina

    Tomato patina

    I didn't really like the look so I reground it.

    It's definitely thinner now, it's hard to get a good pic.

    I then used it to carve up the Thanksgiving turkey.

    Which in turn gave it a nice patina.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Wow that looks great!!

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