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Thread: What kind of knife is this?

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    I enharited an old carbon kitchen knife from my granny and it was about the same shape. I think it was from being sharpened on a bench grinder and ground too much at the heel part of the blade. Mine probably wasn't originally shaped like, I think. Could that also be the case with this knife?

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    could be a slicer modified from over sharpening

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    It's probably an accordion knife, which is designed to create accordion cuts that everybody loves.

    Poorly sharpened butcher style knife is my guess as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cheezit View Post
    You should draw the knife out with, you know, a pen and paper instead of ASCII Art.
    Although I'm pretty impressed with your ASCII art. LOL

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    Shall we place bets lol... I think scimitar

    Photo please !

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    Scimitar or breaking knife

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korin_Mari View Post
    Although I'm pretty impressed with your ASCII art. LOL
    I tried ;-)

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    Does that say: Stainless Steel Taiwan ?
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    Oh I should also add that I doubt this knife has ever been sharpened. I think it just existed in a shared house I lived in maybe 4 years ago (having probably belonged to a long departed former tenant), and somehow when the entire house had to move out, it ended up in my kitchen stuff, via the "we're just gonna give you all the stuff that nobody claimed because you like cooking" method. I ended up donating several pots and most of the low quality knives, but this one intrigued me, so I kept it. But it's just been sitting unused since then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stumblinman View Post
    Does that say: Stainless Steel Taiwan ?
    Yes, yes it does :-D

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