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Thread: 240 mm Gyuto

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    240 mm Gyuto

    a good friend, coworker and aspiring knife nerd is looking to see what Gyuto options are currently out there. He's not really a fourm guy, and I engineered his most recent purchase, a 23 cm Nenox Suji from Rick.

    He's trying to save as much money as possible right now, as he leaves for a two month tour in Norway early next year. But he's thinking he should be adding a solid gyuto for prep work. As for now, he's with a smalll togiharau (sp) suji. He's thinking he want's to go Gyuto. My Kochi 240 Migaki is a bit tall for him. My 7.1 Sun Carter is perfect, but availibility and price make this a non option.

    Right now he's focused on stainless, but for prep work and the need to maintain a proper edge, I may have opened his eyes to carbon.

    Any suggestions in the $250-$300 range? He would probably lean stainless stil, but if the deal is right, I think I can get him into carbon.

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    get him a new ginga.

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    I'm assuming go gyuto is a typo for yo-gyuto.
    If he likes thin like your Carter, then Gesshin Ginga might be a good option. Their pinned bolsters are very well executed. I've not use their stainless, but the performance I've seen from their white #2 is really fantastic. The only problem might be getting one in stock in time.
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    Itinomonn. Shorter at the heel than Kochi, stainless clad carbon. And Maxim just added some new ones.
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    Moving this to the appropriate section...ryan

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    Gesshin Ginga. If he likes the feel of carbon without the headache, a Konosuke HD. The tips on the Gingas tend to be a little thicker, and I had to thin mine out to get that Carter-like feel. The Konosuke is just thin thin thin to start with at the tip. My HG Carters were amazing lasers, but I have other knives that perform just as well at 1/3 of the cost with better edge retention.

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    get a Konosuke HD or a cheap Fujiyama if you can find one

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    Randy's prebuy or the Lamson collaborative but, he needs it sooner I guess.
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    i'm going to say it and take all the flack you guys want to dish out. i got to actually try a richmond laser AS with an unbiased view and it was freaking awesome. if it were available in 270 i would get one myself. it's what has me looking to get a new knife in aogami super steel.

    by the way gravy, thanks again for letting me try your kochi, i ended up getting one myself a while back.

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    I've been hearing great things about geshin ginga's lately. My sous chef sings their praises since he got to try them out when he was in cali. You could also check out kohetsu stainless clad with A.S. core this is a laser and a good intro into carbons. I got one for my birthday and while I'm not usually into knives that are that light weight it has been an amazing knife especially for the price of 158 $. Edge retention has been a dream as well almost two weeks between sharpening just stropping and it still has a shaving edge. If you can I would say 240mm the 210 is a little on the small side from my experience with just day to day work.

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