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Thread: What kind of knife is this?

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    I think it's for pirate chefs.
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    What's a pirate chef's favorite soup special?

    beef bAAAAAARRRRRRRrrrrrrley

    Seriously though, that is a weird knive. It looks like it was made based off of poorly written specs and an ANCII art drawing. I can't imagine it being even remotely useful in any application other than slicing or carving some kind of large chunch of cooked meat or perhaps during some part of the butchery process where no board contact is needed.
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    That knife reminds me of one I used to see cooks use to cut off donar meat for kabobs in the gyro/fish and chips shops while we lived in England. I don't know what it is but it's intriguing.

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    The knife isn't exactly sharp and it is loose in the handle, so obviously somebody used it for something at some point in the past.

    It does look like it might be useful for shawarma / doner/ kebabs, but I've only noticed those being carved with flat knives.

    If there seems to be no practical use for it, I will just put it in the box of more kitchen stuff I will eventually donate.

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    Looks like it would be a good knife for eating sugar cane with. You can chop with the tall head and peel with the back of the knife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korin_Mari View Post
    Although I'm pretty impressed with your ASCII art. LOL
    I have to agree, it is pretty awesome
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    Massive belly for sawing slicing motions, short at the heel to make the knife lighter, hence easier to twist and turn? Lol

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