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Thread: Saya for left handed yoshikane deba 185

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    Saya for left handed yoshikane deba 185

    So, I ordered it and he didn't have a saya. Any thoughts on where to start looking?

    Thanks guys!


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    Korin may be able to help you out as well. Also
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    Or make your own. Good way to start fiddling with your knives besides using them.


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    Deba came today!!! Looks gorgeous, a bunch of fish coming to the restaurant on thursday so i'll let everyone know how it handles then. Thanks for the recommendation! it feels great in my hand. If it performs the way everyone says it will maybe ill pick up the yanagiba when Maxim gets it back in stock.

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    Not an experienced woodworker, plus i spend way too much time in the kitchen to fit that in. You want to do one for me? By the way JohhnyChance lent my chef one of your sujis, holy **** what a knife! Do you sell only directly or through someone? What do you have available. PM or in the forum.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marko Tsourkan View Post
    Or make your own. Good way to start fiddling with your knives besides using them.

    Sounds so easy when you put it that way
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