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Thread: New Redwood Burl - Very High Grade Stabilized Blocks

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    New Redwood Burl - Very High Grade Stabilized Blocks

    These blocks of Redwood Burl came from the big old slab of Redwood that I got a short while back.
    It started out like this;

    Since it was old dry wood I was able to cut it up and send it in for stabilizing right away.
    Just got the first batch of blocks back from getting stabilized at K&G.
    Here is a sampling of how they turned out. This is some of the best Redwood Burl that I have seen.

    The very best blocks are located here.
    And the rest are in the Stabilized Redwood Blocks section of the store.
    Mark Farley / Burl Source
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    Those sure are beauties Mark, congrats (and welcome back).
    Please visit my store at Imagine the possibilities!
    Email me at
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    All sales are backed with a no questions asked money back guarantee.

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