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Thread: Thoughts on grinders

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    i talked to travis the other day about his grinders... i'm pretty set on that one now, and he also happens to be a really nice and helpful guy. Aside from the product, i appreciate the extra care and effort he puts into running his business.

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    Don't forget the Wilmont TAG-101, a very good grinder too

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    Jon, is this a "pull present" for yourself?

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    Here is mine it is a Custom KMG Clone I built for my personal needs .,o2sKNV5,CxZ...7wtoLw,wktjT04,Untvt0L,9Bv...9gBa9M,TRNNnj2

    I love it and yes I made quite a few attachments for it as well most come standard with /for the KMG sold today. I just have a lot of time on my hands being retired out of the Army .

    And before Anyone asks NO Sorry I will not build you one the prints are on the Net for free.

    Best Regards


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    The wilmont little buddy is alot of grinder for the price. I put one together as a second grinder and it works very well. I put my own motor on it (used from ebay) and can use the vfd on my surface grinder so all told it was $700 for a 3hp variable machine. The price now is 100 more than I paid for the frame kit.

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    Hmmm...the tracking wheel on my Bader lost it's crown in less than a year. What's with that? I called Bader and they said to send it back...for a fee both ways plus a fee to re-crown...not to mention time. ***? Can't recommend them. That got me to thinking that I could build a better machine, and I have, but using Beaumont Metalworks for parts.

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