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Thread: CCK cleaver geometry question

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    CCK cleaver geometry question

    Hi all. There is something I've wondered about CCK cleavers for a while. So I toss it out to you. Sorry if this has already been covered, but I haven't seen it.

    I have two CCK cleavers. The much loved KF 1303 (standard small slicer), and the KF 1103 (the large slicer). They both have essentially the same grind. The right side of the knife is nearly flat ground all the way to the edge - there is a relief bevel, but it's so acute that it's nearly flat to the face of the knife. The left side is also pretty flat until its relief bevel but its relief bevel is noticeably more convex and more obtuse. In other words, they're ground much like a LEFT handed Japanese (double bevel) blade would be. It appears deliberate to me, and not misground.

    Now, these knives are both very thin, the convexing and asymmetry is subtle, and I'm left handed anyway, so it's not really noticeable to me while cutting. But I'm wondering:

    - Are your CCK cleavers also ground this way?
    - Are your other Chinese cleavers ground this way?
    - Why does CCK do this? Is it to facilitate food release from the back of the knife more than the front?

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    My 1303 was symmetrical, with the blade being thickest in the middle (the bottom of the KU area) and convex from the KU to the edge.

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