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Thread: New products and long overdue product photos

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    New products and long overdue product photos

    If you havent noticed yet, we added a bunch of products yesterday along with some long overdue photos (more of which will be added later today)... you can find them here under new products:

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    more stuff up under new items... a quick list of some highlights includes-
    -270 mm Gesshin hide kiritsuke
    -270 mm Gesshin hide sakimaru takobiki
    -270 mm Gesshin hide Kensaki yanagiba
    -Gesshin Hide Ginsanko Yanagiba
    -Gesshin Hide 300mm Blue #1 Yanagiba with momiji engraving
    -pictures of the jinzo aoto
    - kurouchi Damascus paper knife
    -pictures of the Kochi knives

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