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Thread: HELP! Deba panic

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    Question HELP! Deba panic

    Hello everyone.

    I just joined the Forum am in need of some basic help/advice.
    I bought a Shigaharu deba in Kyoto 4 weeks ago. I bought it for the history of the shop and the shape of the blade.
    I knew so little that I didn't ask him to sharpen it for me.
    So now I am home with a wonderful knife that needs to have a final sharpening. It has a fair edge on it but is not as sharp as the videos show it can be.
    I have been reading the posts and looking at the videos and am feeling TOTALLY intimidated.
    I can do a pretty good job with western knives on oil stones and with a strop but the complexity of the Japanese blade is a bit much.
    I am not a chef or a major cook so I might be using my knife 4 or 5 times a month on beef or chicken.
    AND I am afraid of ruining a fine knife.
    What do I do to get a better edge on the knife with minimal chance of messing it up?
    I plan to go into Antibes next week and buy a combination stone (1000/6000) and a strop.
    Any simple help is appreciated.

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    The most important things are to make sure your sharpening stones are flat! And you should only need to use the 6000 stone on the back side (flat side) and keep it flat against the stone
    Jon from Japanese Knife Imports has excellent videos, you would be wise to watch as many as you can! This one will get you started

    Take it slow, check what you are doing and have fun! It is a cool hobby


    Make simplicity seem like abundance - Tetsuya Wakuda

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    Nothing to panic about. Sharpening a single bevel is actually easier than free handing a double bevel for most. Watch the video above along with the accompanying theory video and DO NOT rush it. Be patient, stop to look at your progress often and you will do fine. Don't worry about making it pretty. For some single bevels that requires a lot of extra time and materials. If you can you should consider a class from the forum's own Dave Martell. It will shorten your learning curve considerably and likely save you a lot of time and frustration.

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    Deba panic

    How do I enroll in Dave's class? Is it webinar or Skype?

    I live in southern France.

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    You would have to come to the U.S. for Dave's class. Dave does sell videos though. The Japanese Knife Imports with Jon Broida videos are on You Tube. They are excellent, I highly recommend watching them a lot. Best of luck, welcome, and please keep us updated on your progress.

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    Deba panic

    Hello Knyfeknerd,

    I have been watching Jon's videos alot. I am afraid to say they are part of my panic. It is like watching a master play Bach on a guitar when all I want to do is put strings on my new guitar without breaking something.

    BTW my wife grew up in Chapel Hill.
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    If you go with the 1k/6k stone combo, you won't be removing too much metal too quickly. As stated earlier, take your time and constantly check your progress. Try sharpening some of your other knives with the wetstone before you do the deba to get a feel for how it cuts. On the traditional J-knives, you only really sharpen one side. Just make sure you follow his rules for the ura side. Only push strokes, and be gentle.
    Chapel Hill is so nice. I used to date a girl that went to school there...........................
    ....good times.
    I'd rather be in the South of France though!

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    Many thanks knyfeknerd,

    Slow is the word. And I will try two other knives first.

    I guess my big question is about the beveled side of the knife. The best I can understand from the diagram that Mr. Shigaharu drew for me I only sharpen the beveled side at one angle not with a compound angle like some of the videos show (one for the main bevel and one for the cutting edge). Is this correct?
    I think I do understand about the back side of the knife.
    Don't behave

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    Sorry I had to look up the correct word.

    My question is about the angle to hold the knife for doing the beveled side. Mr Shigaharu said 15 degrees and his diagram shows that as being the degrees the bevel was ground into the knife from the shinogi-line to the cutting edge. So do I just sharpen this part of the blade (turning it over to take the burr off) or do I also use a steeper angel just on the cutting edge (temper line?) of the beveled side?

    Many thanks for your patience.

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    Welcome to KKF. Don't worry too much about the sharpening, you'll figure it out, if I can then anyone can.

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