So i been using this parer for a solid 2 weeks now and thought i would put in a few words about it. Im so happy with this parer from Butch and Tom. Everying is prefectly executed in both fit and finish. the grind is very well made and came with a good edge and is holding it very well. the profile is great. The handle feels nice in the hand and is very well made with no flaws what so ever..I have yet to try a better parer and i doubt i will cuz im very happy with this one.

Tom also made the saya witch is to freaking awsome in the grain to start with. the finish is again superb and the fit is just top notch, it could not be better done. i just put my thumb ontop of the saya/parer with a slight push and the blade get realeased perfect, If i shake the parer with the saya on, it will stil stay ferm on and not realease the blade. Couldn't ask for a better saya.

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It Shaves pretty damn good to.

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