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Thread: Tell Me About Pens

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    I literally lose 5-7 pens a day so this is one hobby I will never jump into.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AFKitchenknivesguy View Post
    I've always had a fascination with pens. While fountain pens are beyond my investment level (time), I do like a good rollerball. I've bought a few nice ones from Etsy, but I've always lusted after a MonteBlanc. Research tells me they are overpriced and there are better options. What say you?

    FWIW, here is what i'm thinking about getting:
    I have a mont blanc that I refill with waterman refills , have to put a little block in the body as it is slightly short. have waterman and mont blanc fountain pens and prefer the waterman.. mont blanc is an overpriced status symbol imho. the M B needed repair I called and the phone was answered by a woman with a sophisticated French accent.. "please ship your pen to Allentown PA.." in terms of roller balls I feel , that as with knives , the Japanese have taken it to a higher level .. the below link site should keep your head spinning for a while . I have purchased from this company and they have been a pleasure to do business with.. good luck with your quest

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    I wish I wrote enough to justify picking up a few fine writing instruments. I really need another way to hemorrhage money into tools.

    At least the little cooking I do is enough to convince myself I need more knives.

    The only writing tools I've been going out of my way for are ones I want for severe environments, like car glove boxes or the tool chest in the garage. Baking in the desert heat, freezing in the snowy winter, sitting around unused for weeks, months or years, I want then to work every time I pick them up. (less Shigafusa, more Kabar)

    So I've been buying Fischer "Spacepens."

    They aren't expensive and actually do write nicer than cheap mass market pens, but not as nice as a good roller.

    The one I carry when I feel like "dressing up" (well, as dressed up as I ever get) or doing official business (banking, job interviews or whatever) is an AG7, the model NASA issued for lunar missions.


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    I use one of these and have a matching pencil, it writes rather nicely.
    Sharpie Pens are also a favorite of mine, good, cheap, reliable.

    I am positive my father had some really nice pens, and likely many, I need to find those.

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    As you like a thick pen, the Lamy Swift rollerball is what I would recommend. It has a substantial feel and weight, writes like a dream and can be had for $60. Plus it's retractable! I have owned Mont Blanc pens and always found them to be too light and delicate for everyday use.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is the next pen I'm going to try, A J Herbin rollerball that can be filled with high quality fountain pen ink cartridges. It's the newest thing in pens and cheap to boot:

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    David Broadwell makes some very nice pens.
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    I carry a pen in pocket which uses the ball point Parker style Fisher Space pen refills. When covered it is 3.5". When capped to write the pen is 5.25" long.

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    I was into fountain pens long before I became involved with wood and Dream Burls. The most important aspect of a fountain is the nib and one of the best nib makers ever is Nobuyoshi Nagahara who made nibs for the Sailor pen company. Mr. Nagahara is now retired and his son has taken over. I got into Sailor pens and have quite a few, including their King of Pen Nagahara King Eagle which has a triple nib and these days sells for over a grand. Fountain pens harken back to a time of a more casual pace and a more personal style. As an architectural student I took calligraphy in college and as a draftsman spent countless hours writing on contract drawings with chiseled pencils. I guess I never lost the appeal it had for me. A fountain pen is a way to give flair to your handwriting and make the experience so much more rewarding. These days that's basically a dying art.
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    I always regret not buying a Montegrapa fountain pen before i left Scotland.It was Silver and had really beautiful ArtNouveau engraving.It was a real work of art and from memory was on sale for £600.Now they sell for thousands.I still want one but doubt i will ever have the spare coin.

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    Not sure if anyone mentioned him, but Rudy Vey makes nice looking stuff. He makes fantastic shaving brushes too, but that's just an interesting aside. I love a great pen, and really fear that Michael Rader might have led me down another deep dark path, by giving me his lathe....

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