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    Marko, I've been grind meat and making sausage since I was a child and I'll tell you flat out that the kitchen aid attachment is not the way to go. Also, you will want to slightly freeze the meat that your grinding. Also, power tools are great, but unecessary in the case of grinding meat. You'll create a better product and more control by going with a hand crank grinder. SS is nice but I've had this porkert is at least 30 YO. Like knives, just make sure you flatten the blade and die before grinding.

    Really nice sausages. Great work.

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    For $200 more you can get a pro grade chamber sealer

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    Quote Originally Posted by gic View Post
    For $200 more you can get a pro grade chamber sealer
    Damn, that's about $150 cheaper then what I bought it for less than a year ago.

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    I have a Cabella's commercial grade 1hp model and absolutely love it. We have been grinding our own meat and making a lot of sausage for about 7 or 8 years now. If you want to get into sausage making, a hand crank mixer or the mixer attachment is a nice addition. We use the grinder to stuff, but at some point I would like to get a hand operated sausage stuffer.

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    to MuchoBocho's case for a hand grinder, I have a virtually identical setup - even down to screwing the mincer to a plank and clamping with Irwin clamps. In fifty years time, I'll give my grinder to my grandkids, I certainly can't say that about my kitchenaid.

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    Thanks everybody for input. I think I have a ton of information to work with.

    I am giving myself 3 months to save up for a Polyscience sous-wide and a light commercial vacuum sealer. I might even go Ebay route for these and get a model with an oil pump.

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    Pressure cooker.

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