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    yep. i got 2 uncommon thread short sleeve chef coats w vented backs. theyre nice all around. mine were only $21.99 locally. one of my favorite features of that line is that there is plenty of neck room, so you can button your coat all the way up and still have a good amount of room around the neck area.

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    I didn't even think of that. You're right about the neck room. Very comfortable. I tried a couple of the tunic style vented back coats as well. Very roomy and comfortable to move in, but the fabric is quite heavy compared to the very light fabric they use in the vented back double breast coats so they're a lot warmer and not as comfortable from that standpoint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by labor of love View Post
    why doesnt Under Armour just make chef coats?
    A guy who used to work for me, his fiancee worked at Under Armour. She used to drop this in the idea box all the time. He even mentioned it to the big wigs at their holiday party I believe.

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    I use Prochef single breasted high cotton black snap clip jackets... got so sick of losing buttons and wearing heavy starched out ugly jackets... and in terms of neck room i just leave the last clip undone.

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