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Thread: Need Some Help

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    At 6' I am not unusually tall, but most kitchen sinks are too low for me to sharpen there, after 15 minutes my back hurts. Or maybe I am just getting old. Still looking for that comfortable place to sharpen, if I find it, maybe my knives will be in better shape... But as for sink bridges, tha would only work if I could adjust the height to the level I need. Just thinking...


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    In the kitchen: 18x32" and 15x15", both single basin

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    Most US kitchen counters are 25" deep front to back. This is the cookie cutter size for depth that will allow a dishwasher or range be installed into the counter. this also means the sink will fit inside that space too. I have found you lose a half inch from the front edge to backsplash, because of the backsplash most of the time.

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