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Thread: Hello from Atlanta

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    Hello from Atlanta

    Hi, my name is Ron & I was a participant at the KF kitchen forum several years ago but dropped out due to other priorities. My interest in "our thing" has been piqued again and I found this new (for me) place and am looking forward to learning about all the rings that have changed (besides price increases) since I've been away.

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    Thanks, Dave. I'm looking forward to continuing my education here.

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    Thanks, 3q!

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    Welcome Ron, I'm surprised there aren't more peeps from the ATL here. So many restaurants and such....................
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    Welcome to KKF Ron

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    Thanks, KK & yes, ATL seems to be a big restaurant town though I'm just a civilian hobbyist myself.

    Thanks, CCB!

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    Welcome back, sir. Hope it's fulfilling.
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    Thanks, O!

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