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Thread: Smaller, Light Use Board

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    Smaller, Light Use Board

    The cutting board I use at home is about 12" x 24". Kind of an oddball size but plenty big for my use.
    Whenever I use it I wash it down 1st and again after I am done or in between vegetables and meat.
    But sometimes I get a bit annoyed when I am just cutting a couple vegetables or something small.
    So about a year ago I told myself I need a small light duty cutting board. After a while my wife started saying that if I didn't make one, she was going to buy one at the store.
    This afternoon I had an hour to kill, so I cut, sanded and oiled a small piece that used to be part of a shelf in my work area.
    Now I will take it home and see how often I use this instead of the larger board.

    If you decide to make one it is a cheap and easy project.
    Buy a short board, sand it to 400 grit and oil it with mineral oil. No talent required.

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    I like this.

    "So you want to be a vegetarian? Hitler was a vegetarian and look at how he turned out."

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    Great burl, looks solid!

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    i just wasted my day off when I could have been doing this! looks great

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