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Thread: What is the best range/ oven for home use?

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    Rorgue. Molteni. Le Cornue. Gaggenau Vario Cooktops.

    you fellas got lucky on the DCS stoves. I hear the company has really gone downhill and delivering lesser quality product. ** You should all check out Electrolux Pro Line -

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    I would pass on DCS. When I bought mine in 2003, it was a great deal. However, unless they've changed their burners, the burners are prone to having the following issues in my experience:

    1. Burners accumulate dirt easily because of elevated design,
    2. Burners must be cleaned regularly; if not, burner tube can become stuck to the gas line, making it impossible to remove the burner element and prevening access to the ignitor;
    3. Ignitors are sensitive (I've had to replace 2).

    Also, I have had to replace the thermostat (not under warranty) and convection fan (under warranty).
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    I was going to say that Aga makes regular ranges. My mom has one.
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    Thanks that helped. I like the look of this one

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