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Thread: sharpening angles

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    sharpening angles

    hi guys im not very good with angles so would like to know when sharpening a knife on a whetstone instead of telling me in degrees can you please tell me in centimetres how high should i lift the spine of the knife off the whetstone for a scary sharp edge?

    here is a diagram of what im asking:

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    Forget about angles and the height of the spine as that will change depending on the height of the blade.
    Instead you should concentrate on the primary bevel, if you use the magic marker trick, you will ensure you are hitting the edge, then you can progressively lower the angle until you are happy.

    Here is a Link to Jon from Japanese Knife Imports video which explains the marker trick
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    yup- sure can. if (t) is the angle where you want the blade to be sharpened, AB is the distance to raise the spine (from the surface of the stone), and BC is the height of the blade (heel to spine at each individual point along the blade - note that this will change as blades are not a constant height...), then:

    AB = BC * sin(t)

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    About 0,7-1.0 cm.

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    I was told there would be no math.
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    +1 The sharpie trick.
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    I also find a 10x or higher magnifier to be helpful. I use a jewelers loupe. you can get one for under $10. useful for seeing wire edges and works well with the marker trick.

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    Assuming you're sharpening your Carter i would match the microbevel it came with using a magic marker.

    People dont tend to work in absolutes, but if it'd be useful i could take a picture of my carter against the stone so you can eyeball the angle i use.

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    You can download the angle meter app for the smartphone and use it. 10-12 degree per side on a double bevel knife should give you a keen edge.

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    This is something that I have been struggling with also but in a different context. I know with sharpening it can get crazy with bevels, micro bevels, symmetry (or lack of it) but at the end of the day I think something like suggested angle guide for different steels would come in handy. For example you probably should not sharpen VG10 at a steep angle due to it being chippy (?). Over time unless you're a pro you are going to change that factory bevel and if you bought a used knife then all bets are off. Having a steel reference would help.

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