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Thread: I thought small towns were supposed to be safer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig View Post
    Pok Pok is great! All the food I tried was excellent and I really liked their fermented vinegar drinks too.
    Yeah, their drinking vinegar is tops. They also have an Earl Grey cocktail which I like a lot, called Lord Bergamot.

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    wyoming, closer to nowhere than somewhere.
    The only reason most people think this is because there is usually very little news coverage there. Even if there is nothing is said because nobody wants to live in a "place like that".

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    I like Pok Pok but I need to work my way through their menu a little farther.

    Living about a mile south of a town of 500 with no law enforcement officers (the county sheriff comes by once in a while) I think they tend to end being places where people who like the idea of zero cops hide out.

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    We get a lot of transient people here that can become trouble because there are no local police to do anything about public drunkeness or antisocial behaviour.
    There is a Sherrif's office but it is manned by volunteers for a few hours a couple days of the week. There is a lot of "self policing" here. I hope that is not what happened in this case because the fellow who was killed had been very loud and confrontational with people he came in contact with.

    The locals have not come up with any answers about what happened.
    Now you see the homeless people walking around in groups carrying anything from big sticks to machetes.
    So now you hardly see any normal-ish people out and about after dark.

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    Life happens.


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