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Thread: Turkey time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mucho Bocho View Post
    Best tip for brown crackling skin:

    Rub a TBLS of baking soda on the skin right before putting in the oven. Sure its a good idea to leave your bird uncovered in the refrigerator for a day or two but using Baking Soda on any skin (poultry, pork, fish) get the skin rendering almost immediately when put in the oven.

    One additional tip is to make little slits in the skin (not the meat) all over the bird, this will allow the steam to escape, this also increases the skin's surface area creating more places of yummy skin cracklin.

    Baking soda jump starts the maillard reaction on the skin when it hits heat. Its really significant. Blows away butter or oil. Also, less heat is required to reach that brown skin, meaning more juice in the bird.

    Also, baking soda can be used in brines for tenderizing meat but care must be taken less you'll turn the protein into mush. I would not bring with BS more than one day.
    Great tip!

    That being said, how are most of you guys cooking your birds? Roaster pan with oven bag? Roaster Pan with lid? Roaster Pan open top?

    Have a knife day!

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    JV, Roasting Bag. God no, thats like a 70's invented "good idea." You know what they say "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." There's also no need to baste your bird either. I already did my bird this year. Mom was in town last week.

    I made a Kosher Bird this year. What I did was:

    Whole Foods frozen (but non-injected) 14 LBS bird. Thawed in refrigerator for three days. Opened, WASHED (contraversal I know), patted dry, coverd it in kosher salt inside and out, put back in refrigerator for two days. Removed, washed inside and out again to get salt off, pat dry, loosened the skin, made slits all over the skin, rubbed with baking soda and covered in drawn butter, and put on roasting pan on top of onion, carrots, cellery.

    I did not truss or stuff cavity. Just removed wing tips . Roasted at 450 for ten min. then lowered heat to 300 and cooked until dark meat registered 125. After removing from the oven, temp rose to ~145. Took about three hours.

    Another great trick to crispy skin is to crack your oven while roasting. I put a stainless steel condiment cup between the oven door and the pin that turns the oven off when door is open. Allows the moisture to escape thus facilitating browining.

    Happy T-day

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    I put together a turkey tips web app, just open this link on your phone and save to the desktop.

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    Mine did not turn out well at all! I decided on a whole bird this year and a new brining recipe. It was bad. And to add insult to injury, my potatoes seized for the first time ever . The gravy and stuffing was good though lol. Next time I think I'll do a dry brine and a flattened turkey.

    Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving

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    Stuffed turkey with onion cut into quarters and two lemons cut in quarters, oh and some fresh thyme. Typically do this when I smoke chickens. Came out really nice and moist on the inside. Snuck two sticks of butter under the skin. Dry rubbed the sucker with herbs n spices, perforated the skin here and there. It was a good turkey. Skin was crispy, meat was tender.

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