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Thread: My Web Store - Likes / Dislikes?

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    I could also use a few more prompts at checkout. Something to save me from myself... like "You already have ordered a gazillion pieces, are you SURE you want more?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burl Source View Post
    I can do the metric sizing without much trouble. Just have to work it into my routine when listing new pieces.
    Just a suggestion, I wouldn't bother with all that double work. Just measue one way and hard code the website to display the conversion for the other, most likely measure in mm and convert to inches for better granularity.
    (Inch_field)=(mm_field) * 0.03907

    That will give you decimals not fractions, but I don't think it would be a big deal. Or you could use a lookup table to convert the digits after the decimal to the nearest fraction if you really wanted to.
    I'm sure many of us would be willing to help out with something like that if you needed.
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