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Thread: A thinner's toolkit

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    The one I have was sent as a sample piece in the form a double stone, grey 1k on one side and a pinky 8k on the other. Im pretty sure its a sigma select 2. But it is very soft so it could be the ceramic soft. I reckon the 2 will cut faster as its designed to work with super hard steels. Just ask Stu from tools from Japan which one is the fastest for bevel work.

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    Jon recently posted a diamond plate in his subforum that sounds like just what you are looking for. It ain't cheap, but cant be much more than a set of 3 other plates to do the same thing.

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    I bought a cheap 180/320 combo Chinese stone from my local asian grocery store. It's huge and works well considering how cheap it was. I thin stuff with ruthless abandon before hitting the beston 500.

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    Thanks to all for the input. I have ordered a set of iWood plates 150,300,800,1000 as well as sigma II 120x and 1000x. The vendor warned that the sigma 120 looks and feels like a cinder block... so we'll see.

    I did check up Jon's diamond 'stone'. I was daunted by the fact that it can't be flattened.

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