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Thread: Least used knife?

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    Least used knife?

    Without doubt my least used knife is my slicer, but I think this is a reflection of my circumstances and not the utility of the knife. I have a second set of “butcher” knives that I use for skinning, breaking down/boning and portioning cuts. The only time I “slice” raw meats on the home board is when carrying out small trimming work, but I don’t use my slicer for that opting instead for a boning knife or petty.

    That leaves me with carving work, which my extra long scalloped edged bread knife works better—go figure. I have seen [unjust] criticisms towards the use of serrated knives of cooked meats with imagery of torn up meat, but I can vouch first hand that the “right” serrated knife works absolutely fantastic on crusty cooked meats. So much so that mine has replaced my “dedicated” slicing knife.

    So what’s your least used knife in your roll/block?

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    The one that has lost most of its time in the limelight in my kitchen, while still staying in my setup, is the Nakiri.
    No real reason for it, other than I seem to reach for various alternatives most of the time

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    Boning knife, for sure, but I'm a humble home cook.

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    Suji. I rarely prep anything that needs a long, slim slicer that's not a yanagiba/kiritsuke. Useful on those rare times when I do use it, which is why I keep it and have only 1.

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    The leat used are the ones that are sowed away in boxes and not in the knife block... Other than that, I think the boning knives see the least action.


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    I work meat station on the line, and all I use is a 240 suji for slicing, my most used knife hands down. Least used would probably be my misono swedish steel hankotsu, I use it for chicken seldomly, usually use a carter 143mm funayuki for chicken butchery.

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    I am the lowliest of home chefs, and I just purchased a slicer (a 270mm takobiki to be exact). While it won't get a ton of use, if it does a good job on on smoked brisket like I expect then it will be well worth it. Not fun to smoke brisket all day and make a mess of it at serving time.

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    It's interesting to learn the impact a person's environment has on what knives he or she uses most/least.

    I wouldn't be without my traditional pattern boning knife. I even use it to portion whole tenderloins.

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    Yanagiba would be my least used knife, but I don't love mine, if I had one I lives it may be a different story, i always tend to find uses for knives that I really love even if it's not always the exactly correct usage.

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    usuba and yanagi. But I go them knowing they would see little use; mainly wanted to start experiencing true single-bevels.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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