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Thread: Least used knife?

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    + 1 on turning knife...

    Although if I'm being honest I really really really hate turning veg. Mainly for personal traumatic reasons

    My 270 suji doesn't get as much work as I'd like... But I do limited meat fab :/

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    Bone cleaver is the least used atm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colorado_cutter View Post
    My bread knife. But it still sees some good use, because the rest of my collection is currently just cleaver, carbon petty, heavy cleaver, and stainless petty.
    Me too. The bread knife slices fresh loaves when my wife makes them but sees next to no use any other time.

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    Bread knife is best for slicing between ribs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quantumcloud509 View Post
    Bread knife is best for slicing between ribs.
    Yes, particularly if those ribs have a crusty caramelized exterior.

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    least used is my wusthof/henckles kit from back in the day when I worked the line - 20cm and 26cm chef's, 10cm and 16cm utilities, 26cm slicer and 16cm boning. these are the old 3-rivet full tang black handles (which is all they made at the time- I think the grand prix were just starting to come out but weren't widely in use - yes I'm old)

    wife uses them, so they're still front and center in the sharp drawer and I need to keep 'em sharp - one of hte utility knifes is ground a few cm short these days, so I use it to open bags, cut plastic sealers, etc.

    but I really haven't used them seriously for many years.

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