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Thread: Hello from the country that borders the USA to the North

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    Welcome to KKF!!

    Inspired by God, Forged by Fire, Tempered by Water, Grounded by Earth, Guided by the spirit.. Randy Haas

    Availible Knives

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    Thanks for the welcome

    Thanks for welcoming me aboard. Sorry I haven't posted anything. I'll get some photos up of my ever-growing knife collection. Yes, I recognize I have a problem/addiction. On the positive side, my family and friends reap the benefits. I cook up a storm and, when I get a new knife for the collection, I pass one of the old ones along to someone else who will enjoy and appreciate it.

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    3,801'll fit right in here!
    Though I could not caution all I still might warn a few; Don't raise your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools. - Robert Hunter

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    Welcome to the forum!

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