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Thread: ridiculous requests

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    weirdest thing I have ever heard of

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    Quote Originally Posted by myemptymind View Post
    Guest where I work wanted a tortilla burrito, a burrito filled with torn tortillas.
    Waw... If this thread has a prize that would win. That is damn weird!

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    We have a grocery store nearby that has a cafe within it that is run by the grocery store. Their are no waiters (they use a pager system to let you know your order is done and ready at the front), and a pretty simple breakfast menu. There was a gentleman that went up the front not once, but twice, to have the people working up there toast bread he brought from home. Plated food ready to go was just stacking up as they accommodated him. Also overheard a lady telling the front server that she "can't drink your smoothie if you use frozen fruit, as it would be to cold for me to drink". She walked out empty handed.

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