Thoughts on grinders
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Thread: Thoughts on grinders

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    Thoughts on grinders

    I've been toying with the idea of getting a nicer grinder (which i use to refinish the sides of knives sometimes)... i was looking at the KMG and the TW-90. I was wondering if any of you guys have thoughts on which you prefer and why? Are there others i should be considering?


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    TW-90.......A direct drive motor is going to run smoother and have less moving parts on the drive side to wear.....Plus the Tw is a 2-in-1 machine,woth the extra cash.

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    I have tried both the KMG and the TW-90. The TW-90 is a bit more, but it definitely runs nicer; plus, some of the features on there just make more sense. The easy horizontal change is also really, really cool. There's always the surface grinder attachment too, which I am just dying to get.

    I'm not saying the KMG isn't nice though - it's a great machine, but there are improvements that I think are possible.

    One other option that is very similar to the TW-90 is the Wilmont grinder. I haven't had the chance to try it, but it looks very promising. Good reviews on it too.

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    Wait, we aren't talking about coffee. Sorry.

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    Check out Norm Coote's site;


    they are well built, and with a KBDA controller & a 3ph.motor you will save a bunch of cash
    compared to the KMG & TW-90

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    I have used my kmg for a few years It is a tank and can do almost anything with attachments like small wheel. get a 3 phase 2-3 hp tefc motor on ebay and the ac drive on one of the web sites. Also get the steel base to mount motor. The tw is a better more versatile machine but the Kmg is excellent. I also have a disk grinder and have thought of adding a second Kmg.

    Good luck. David

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    I am sure you will love the tw-90. Are you going to make some blades from scratch or make repairs and modifications. I know you will find the horizontal mode of the tw-90 useful. David

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    the kmg is a Very good grinder. but using them side by side the tw-90 is distinctly better than the kmg. Also the tw 90 comes plug and play/grind whereas the kmg needs some assembly, and the tw comes with a wheel a flat platen and a small wheel attachment for the same price.

    the only other grinder I myself would consider is a Burr King but the TW is the better choice for a one grinder shop.

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    I personally have used a Bader grinder for over 20 years and I love it. It's a good versatile machine.
    Thought I'd mention them, since nobody else did.

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