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Thread: Where in the US would you want to live?

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    Where in the US would you want to live?

    Just dealing with this question, because I am back to writing job applications. The current job in Hawaii was never meant as a long-term solution, and conditions are worse than expected, so I will put up with it but continue to look what else is out there. Since academic positions are scarce, at least compared to the number of people looking for them, this will most likely take me somewhere on the mainland, and I will have to take what I get. But I am applying for jobs based on the school and the job profiles, often not knowing a thing about the cities or areas. I am a little afraid of Alaska, for a person with a history of depression it's just dark too long and too often up there... Other than that, I am a bit afraid of the deep South like Alabama (even though Birmingham seems to have an excellent university), Mississippi, Eastern Tennessee etc.

    Right now I am working on applications for Galveston. TX, and Indianapolis. Any thoughts on those two - and on where you would want to live if you could just go there?


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    Love TX...not specifically familiar with Galveston, but my Texan friends seem to think well of it. TX (Dallas) and LA (NO) are the only places I've considered moving to from Little Rock.
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    If given the choice I'd pick Monterey Bay or San Luis Obispo in California. I really like Flagstaff Arizona too, but Arizona politics would keep me from going back there.

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    I think you would like Texas. I love the conservative/freedom mindset of texans; the acadamia portions of Texas are pretty liberal/hippy if that's your thing.

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    Trying not to go political or break rules, go to texas or, a different country. Denmark, swedent, swtz, . Something along those lines would be my choice given the oportuntiy..

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    Indy is a great town. I know that you are an academic but what jobs are you looking for.

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    If I could move anywhere in the country and still make the living I make here in the DC area I would choose something along the coast in southern CA or towards the south end of FL. The further away from cold weather the better.
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    There are worse places in the US than Birmingham. It's about as far from the water as I'll ever live, has beautiful mountains, great restaurants, and a good university. But like anywhere in the south you have to take corrupt politicians, blatant racism, and crushing poverty with the good. I think it is worth it and wouldn't live anywhere too far from the Gulf of Mexico. But it's not for everyone.

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    I love the mountains of North Carolina. New Mexico is also pretty awesome. Washington state is pretty great, but I haven't been there in the winter so I really have no idea.
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