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Thread: Where in the US would you want to live?

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    Boston, lots of schools love it in Boston .

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    i'm thinking southwest. mom used to rave about AZ; but i've never been. i ride a bicycle to work and any errands involving less than 40# of stuff, so someplace that didn't require studded snow tires on the bike for part of the year would be nice.....

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    I don't mind living in Hawaii, and if I could have had it any way I want, I would have retired on the position I was screwed out of last year. But Hawaii is too small to find something else, that's why I am looking broadly. Ideally I would find a job as professor in public health, health sciences, health psychology etc. but I am getting old and have a non-traditional CV which makes it more and more difficult. In the end, universities give a **** about experience, good teaching evaluations, community service etc., it's all about grant money these days. Coming from a humanistic academic tradition in Europe, that's very disappointing.

    Being someone pretty far out on the liberal side is one of my concerns about places like TX or other conservative places, but then the academic field is usually pretty mixed and open-minded. One good thing might be that there are not many places more expensive than where I am now... Haven't looked in Europe in a while either. I know, there is nothing in Germany now, but Switzerland might be an option. My favorite place in Europe would be Barcelona, but at 20% unemployment in Spain that's not happening.

    I know very little of the 'middle' of the US, have only been to NO and Memphis. I kind of know the stretch between Maine and DC pretty well and wouldn't mind California either. Good friends in Boston and Philadelphia make those areas attractive, just getting tired of completely starting from scratch in places where I don't know anybody.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dardeau View Post
    ...in the south you have to take corrupt politicians...
    That's anywhere in the US.
    "Those who say it can't be done are always pasted by those doing it"

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    If you're thinking about the 'middle', I'd say put Columbus over Indianapolis. Unlike Indianapolis, Columbus is home to a major university. And, touching lightly on the politics, it has what one might call an enlightened municipal government. And, generally, its a very young, culturally expansive city. It's not Chicago, or the coasts, in terms of culture, but if you're thinking of middle America, I don't think you could do much better.

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    North Carolina has some quality schools but the politics aren't all that much better than Texas...Asheville is very nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bahamaroot View Post
    That's anywhere in the US.
    That's almost anywhere in the world.

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    I'd cast my vote for HI or SoCal... And here i am, stuck in Sweden... 30 degrees, snow and rain mix

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    New Jersey. Everyplace else sucks.
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    Out of the cities I have visited in US I loved San Fransisco. I don't know how the job market for the academics would be.
    Other than US I would go to Switzerland in heartbeat. Altough it is the Italian side I love Locarno .They have really good schools , liberal politics and good economy. Actually they are getting quite a bit of skilled labour from Germany as well. Viel Gluck

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